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WWDC 18 Announcement:


In brief, here are some of the major announcements for iOS:

This is just a recap for some of the highlights specifically for iOS 12. For the full keynote, you can watch it here.


Apple introducing Health record API for developers : 


For all of the news that Apple managed to cram into today’s 135-minute(!) WWDC keynote this morning, the event was actually pretty light on health care updates. It was a bit of a surprise, given how much of a focus the company has put on the space at past events.

Apple did announce an interesting health tidbit today on its website today — something that likely just got squeezed out of keynote the event late in the game. Starting this fall, the company will open up health record data to third-party iOS apps through a new API. The feature will make it possible for users to share health data from more than 500 hospitals/clinics with third-party apps