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Voice Recognition Challenges:   

This Section cover some of the challenges  that are unique to designing Visual user Interface, Many of these, as a  Visual user Interface designer , out of your control besides waiting for the technology to improve your job is to know do you think exist and do your best to design around it 


We have talked about the views you can harness the best features of speech recognition engines. Now, we need to talk about the places where the technology is not quite there yet.

One of the most difficult challenge for automatic speech recognition tool  is handling noise. This includes constant noise , such as that heard  while driving on freeway, or  sitting in a busy restaurant on the water fountain. It can  also include noise that that occurred when user spoke ,  such as barkof a dog a vegetable hitting the hot frying pan while cooking in the kitchen

Other challenges  include side speech ( when the user talk to a friend or coworker as an aside while the app is listening), the television on the bedroom on multiple people speaking at the same time. The technology has improved remarkably I have been involved in noisy restaurant with the band playing and the ASR(automatic Speech recognition )  in my phone app still manage to understand a search with me.Improve microphone dictation on the mobile phones is getting better as well as which helps a lot.

Multiple speakers:

Although  the new technology is evolving voice that will allow users to train their  device to only respond with their own voice, discerning  who is speaking is still a challenge for visualize. If the user  is the middle of query  and your co-worker starts talking , how does computer know who to listen to ?