Benefits of Voice technology:

Benefits of voice for consumers are immediate and obvious, implications for marketers are vast and still emerging. Today’s customer experience is undergoing a massive shift, much like it did when smartphones took hold a decade ago, and voice plays into everything from customer acquisition and engagement, through to suppor

Voice Assistants used in todays world:

For instance, voice assistants are enabling more frequent consumer touchpoints with your brand. Bank of America recently launched a voice assistant called Erica for its mobile app users, which completes transactions and continuously scans users’ finances to optimize banking functions to their benefit. The idea is to save Bank of America customers money and could even lead to issuing smarter investments, while creating a bridge between the automated and human aspects of banking.


To get a better understanding of how consumers are using voice to interact with businesses, and the resulting implications for marketers, we surveyed 1,000 U.S. adults who own voice assistants for our new Rise of Voice report. Along with insights from this survey, this report covers real-life examples from innovative businesses meshing digital interactions with an increasingly voice-first world, new data from analyzing over 50 million customer phone calls passed through Invoca’s platform in the past year, along with key takeaways for evolving your marketing in a voice-first world.




Source :Invoca